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Appâtage ou se lancer dans les champs nourriciers?

Appâtage ou se lancer dans les champs nourriciers?

Are you skeptical about embarking on the preparation and implementation of a nurturing field? Here are some points that could convince you of the potential of setting up a plot on your hunting territory.

Basically, deer are herbivores. It is therefore natural for them to turn to this type of food rather than your bait. Even if the baiting sites are heavily used, your fields will be even more so! The natural aspect of the feeding field will also give you the advantage of not arousing the suspicions of more suspicious game.


The potential

Under the right conditions, each of our mixes has the potential to produce between 8 and 10 tonnes of feed/acre. Imagine what that is in volume if compared with apples and carrots. In one season, just 1 acre of one of the Premium Mixes can represent between 352 and 440 bags of carrots or between 704 and 880 bags of apples. In addition, the food source of your fields is spread over a greater period, from spring to late fall. It therefore becomes easier to understand the frequentation habits of your game and even to choose the positioning of your field to facilitate your hunt.

The benefits of our products

Each blend has been designed with very nutritious and essential plants that contain a high concentration of proteins and minerals. The biology of the deer is better adapted to plant foods, which greatly contributes to its assimilation. This is a direct impact on plume development and body weight gain. This allows deer to better combat Quebec winters and results in better milk production for lactating females.

Yes it's true, setting up a first nutrient field can be a considerable effort, but once done, it will save you time and money. The objective of Premium Mix is ​​to develop mixtures that will last throughout the season while bringing the maximum to the game. Promote more productive and healthier livestock, to maximize the full potential of wildlife.

Improving our hunting requires healthy livestock and the presence of deer on your territory from April to December. This is why feeder fields are increasingly present in hunting territories. We challenge you to set up your first feeder field with Premium Mix, the quality of your hunting will be transformed!


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