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Premium Mix harnesses the power of multi-plant species seed mixes to achieve greater success. Offering the best possible product to facilitate the success of a feeder field through research & agronomic science, this is the result behind each Premium Mix product.
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No till foodplotNo till foodplot

No till foodplot

Regular price $39.99


Regular price $44.99
Fall Food PlotFall Food Plot

Fall Food Plot

Regular price $47.99
Clover FoodplotClover Foodplot

Clover Foodplot

Regular price $69.99
Mélange de CéréalesMélange de Céréales

Mélange de Céréales

Regular price $24.99
Summer foodplotSummer foodplot

Summer foodplot

Regular price $69.99
Soy MixSoy Mix

Soy Mix

Regular price $72.99
Combo tardif - 1 âcreCombo tardif - 1 âcre

Combo tardif - 1 âcre

Regular price $144.95 Sale price $135.00
Combo pleine saison - 1 âcreCombo pleine saison - 1 âcre

Combo pleine saison - 1 âcre

Regular price $291.92 Sale price $270.00


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