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Summer foodplot

Summer foodplot

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The Summer Premium Mix is ​​very rich in legumin and therefore very rich in protein, which aims to improve milk production in females with fawns and the growth of antlers in males. They are also combined with other types of plants such as sunflower, sorghum and buckwheat, to ensure maximum mineral intake for the same reasons listed above. They are all extremely drought and disease resistant plants. No mix can attract deer in the summer as much as the Summer Premium Mix. It is easily applied using a 4 wheeler or a tractor. The mix production capacity is rated at 0.25 acres for the 12 lb format.

The productive period is from June to November

 It requires maximum sunlight

Plant height is 4 to 5 feet 

Pro Tip:

  • It is an extremely palatable mixture and it is advisable to protect it for 4 to 6 weeks for better resistance to browsing.

Why Premium Mix: 

  • Easy to plant in several types of soil
  • Promotes plume growth in males
  • Promotes milk production in females
  • Mixture almost too appetizing
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