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No till foodplot

No till foodplot

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Our No-Till Premium Mix is ​​designed for hard-to-reach places with equipment. Simply bare the soil and make sure you have good contact between the soil and the seed. This mixture of annual clovers, buckwheat and brassicas is not very demanding for a good emergence and resists well to slightly acidic soils. It is an excellent mixture to discover the powers of a nurturing field or for more difficult places to reach.

It is easily applied using a rake from a 4 wheeler

The mix production capacity is rated at 0.25 acres for the 5 lb format.

The productive period is from June to December

It requires a minimum of 4 hours of sunshine

The height of the plants is 3 to 4 feet

Pro Tip:

  • They are all very easy to establish plants. Thoroughly uncover the soil and make sure you have good contact between it and the seed. 

Applying this mixture just before a rain will increase your success. It is advisable to protect the plot for 3-4 weeks for a better result

Why Premium Mix:

  • Easy to implant
  • High protein and mineral content
  • Ideal for hard-to-reach places
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