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Fall Food Plot

Fall Food Plot

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Our Fall Premium Mix is ​​a blend of grasses, legumins and radishes. It allows you to hunt in the early season with these grasses and legumins and then to hunt later with its mixture of brassicas. It is rich in proteins and minerals, resistant to drought and cold. Perfect for your favorite hunting spots.

It is easily applied using a ATV or a tractor

The mix production capacity is rated at 0.25 acres for the 15 lb format.

The productive period is from June until frost.

It requires maximum sunlight

Plant height is 4 to 5 feet

Pro Tip:

  • It is an extremely palatable mixture and it is advisable to protect it for 4 to 6 weeks for better resistance to browsing. Wait for the end of the risk of frost before sowing it

 Why Premium Mix:

  • Easy to plant in several types of soil
  • Promotes plume growth in males
  • Promotes milk production in females
  • Mixture almost too appetizing
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