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Our annual Brassica blend contains essences such as Rape, Kale and Turnips. It is specially conceive for the cold period of the hunting season. It is very resistant to droughts and cold temperatures, being able to stay green even under the snow. This mixture grows very quickly and is very nutritious for males weakened by the rut. It produces an impressive volume of very high quality fodder for livestock. Excellent for late hunting.

It is easily applied using a rake, 4 wheels or a tractor

The production capacity of mixes is rated at 0.5 acres for the 4 lb format

The productive period is from October to December

It requires a minimum of 4 hours of sunshine

Plant height can reach 4 feet

Pro Tip:

  • Avoid poorly drained soils. Leaves with red to purple leaves is a sign of excess water in the soil. It is also a nitrogen-intensive plant and the appearance of yellow leaves is a sign of a nitrogen deficiency.

Why Premium Mix

  • Easy to implant
  • Resists frost very well
  • High in protein, minerals and starch
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