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Clover Foodplot

Clover Foodplot

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Premium Mix Clover foodplot is ​​an easy-to-establish perennial mix in many soil types and conditions. Several varieties of clover combined with chicory make the mixture more resistant to browsing, improve the protein and mineral content and above all allow the mixture to be more resistant to droughts. It is the best choice for small feeder fields where deer densities are high.

It is easily applied using a rake, 4 wheels or a tractor

Mixing production capacity is rated at 0.5 acres for the 4 lb format

The productive period is from May to October

It requires a minimum of 4 hours of sunshine

Plant height is 10 to 12 inches

Pro tip:

  • Clover Premium Mix are very small seeds and it is very important not to bury them more than ¼ inch in the ground. On a well-prepared seedbed, only broadcast seed and pass a roller to have good contact with the soil.

Why premium mix

  • Easy to implant
  • Very resistant to chatter
  • High protein and mineral content
  • Ideal for fields with high deer density
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